Wow, the last time I reviewed IFComp was in 2018. Since then I’ve run a D&D game that absorbed most of my free time. Oh and that COVID thing making everyone’s lives difficult. I finished my D&D campaign in time to review at least some IFComp games. I’ll update this page as I review.

My Reviewing approach

I want to highlight games with good ideas, good writing and good implementation. I want to improve games and writers if I can. Being nasty is not useful (however fun), but being constructive is (however hard).

I’ll review games and put the review up when I can, and may release my ratings at the end of the judging period. I choose games via various fickle filters. I gravitate towards TADS and Inform parser games, as well as Twine stories.

I’m happy to have discussions with authors at any time, but as per the rules, I won’t change my ratings. Authors, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter.

List of games reviewed