I’m giving the 2017 7DRL a shot!

If you don’t know what the 7-Day RogueLike is, it’s a challenge to create a roguelike game within 7 days. It’s any seven days between the 4th of March and the 12th of March.

I’ve never written a roguelike. Really, I’ve never written a fully-functioning game. 7DRL is training for me to write stuff quickly and without disappearing into a planning/daydream cloud. I’ll work in a little Agile loop, without any of the documentation because that’ll just slow me down.

I’m also a bit behind the 8-ball since I was caught up with other things before the last proper day to start the challenge. Fuck it, I’ll do it anyway!

I’ll end up doing something like a 4-day RogueLike because of work and other commitments. But it’ll be fun!

My roguelike is called “RogueAgent”. You’re basically James Bond sent to an evil lair to explode it. Tonight’s challenge is to get pixels on screens and have the little dude run around. Maybe even have bad guys wander around.