I do a bit of RPGing, primarily with the Pathfinder system. We’re moving onto a new campaign soon, so I thought I might share the character I intend to play.

My previous character Rainor was a Ranger/Zen Archer (Monk) who was pretty nifty with his bow and could basically spot an invisible dude at close range. Another character I played was an alchemist who was a female, bomb-hurling mad scientist with a good heart. For Runelords, I decided to change my party role to be support and so here’s my Oracle Aeona.


Aeona’s parents were gifted mages and scholars, if a little reckless. When Aeona was 10, her child-like curiosity got the best of her and she snuck in to watch her parents at work. This, unfortunately, left her at ground zero of a grand magical experiment that went spectacularly awry. She directly witnessed the mind of a god, an event so dangerous it frayed her position in the fabric of space-time. Her parents were presumed killed in the disaster.

Picture of Aeona

Aeona spent her teenage years trying to come to grips with her newfound erratic perspective on the universe. In fits and starts she could see through time, connect disparate bits of space together, or witness other planes, even universes. She has devoted her life to understanding the mysteries of time and space, not as mere strings of the gods, but as a direct experience itself.

Surviving the disaster has scarred her. Despite being highly intelligent and cunning, she forgets things (having seen them before, or in another time line), gets confused and can seem to have a tempestuous mood. When she is excited, the effects of her time-fray get worse. She babbles in a tongue that no-one has yet deciphered, and be confused by which plane she is on. Many mornings she wakes up with a different coloured shock of hair than before.

She has a quick wit, gorgeous features, and an uncanny knack of knowing how to bend people’s emotions around to her way of thinking, by stern or kind words. She understands emotions and morals are ephemeral things and doesn’t pay them too much respect.


Aeona is basically the tempestuous love child of Ramona Flowers and House. She’s often frustrated by her difficulty with the dealing with people through her frayed position in the space-time continuum and thus needs to be results-focussed. Even if that means being deceptive, intimidating or plain ruining someone else’s day.

Her intelligence is hampered by her understanding of her position in space and time. She’ll explain something in the wrong tense, or assume something happened because she’s seen it happen in another time or dimension. In combat this gets much worse, so ends up taking an erratic tactics.

All her spells are space-time themed. Healing is speeding up time local to the wound, or replacing the wounded arm with one from another time or dimension. Darkness co-locates the current area with itself at night. Cause Fear shows the bad guys their death.


We get a 25-point attribute buy with 2 traits and a campaign trait. Her statblock:

Aeona Tycheweaver

Female Human Oracle (Time mystery)

CN Medium Humanoid (human)

Str 12, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 19

She starts out with HP 11, AC 15, Fort +3, Reflex +3 and Will +2. She has improved initiative so gets +6.

She’s cursed with Tongues (Abyssal), and can Erase from Time and Knowledge of Ages

Her starting spells are Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds and Sanctuary (to protect herself wading into combat). She’ll be able to stabilize folks at a touch.

Combat role

Aeona is the heal-bot and general chaos source. Hopefully she can keep the troops alive and buffed, and cause havoc for the bad guys. She won’t have blasting spells or anything like that, but she’ll be able to be johnny-on-the-spot. She’ll wade into combat behind the front line and maybe get a hit in with a quarterstaff or hammer. The main damage will have to come from the rest of the party.

Long-term, I’m unsure what her combat trick will be. She’ll be able to teleport up to the opposing spellcasters and maybe disable them. Lack of language in combat makes her difficult to charm bad guys. Being able to erase folks from time can be nice offensively (time-out the big bad guy) and defensively (protect a VIP by literally giving them a time-out from this universe).


I think I’ll evolve Aeona’s combat role depending on how we go. I have long-term aspirations for her to create Constructs to help herself out. I’m thinking less hulking Golem and more clockwork robot helpers. Maybe even be Iron Man by creating a Construct Armour, so she can take a bit of punishment but then pop out to heal people while the Jarvis Golem beats up baddies. This is pretty expensive, but Aeona doesn’t really benefit from getting better weapons, mounts or tricksy gear.

Reincarnation mechanic

Andrew (our DM) has suggested he’ll play Runelords quite ruthlessly, and we should expect to lose characters if we’re not careful. And there’ll be no Raise Dead. I’m kinda attached to Aeona, but I thought of a cool idea for reincarnation.

Basically at the point of death, Aeona summons all her energy to tear herself from the fabric of space-time and swap herself with a parallel-universe version of herself. This character is of a different class, but is vaguely time-related. For example:

  • Alchemist looking for the Fountain of Youth
  • Witch with Patron of Time, who is aging backwards
  • A Bard literally torn from history who knows nothing local, but knows the heck out of history because he was there!
  • Sorceror with Destined Bloodline
  • Ki Mystic Monk

The DM gets to randomly choose which character replaces Aeona, which can be interesting.

It’s a little bit Doctor Who, and a little bit Bioshock Infinite. Our DM seems amenable to the suggestion, but we need to work out the specifics. If I get my way, then I’ll have to update several characters every time Aeona levels up. Which is not too bad.