My Reviewing approach

I want to highlight games with good ideas, good writing and good implementation. I want to improve games and writers if I can. Being nasty is not useful (however fun), but being constructive is (however hard).

I’ll review games and put the review up when I can, and may release my ratings at the end of the judging period. I may jump the random ordering for games that I am interested in.

I’m happy to have discussions with authors at any time, but as per the rules, I won’t change my ratings. Authors, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter.

List of games

Using some fancy programmin’, I randomly sorted the IF Comp entries this year, using JTN’s handy CSV format.

Here’s the list of games I’ll attempt to review, in order, but I can’t promise I’ll reach them all. When I review them, I’ll add a link here.

  1. Bullhockey!” by B F Lindsay — (My review)
  2. Dilemma” by Leonora — (My review)
  3. The Origin of Madame Time” by Mathbrush — (My review - Pending)
  4. Bi Lines” by Norbez — (My review)
  5. Time Passed” by Davis G. See
  6. A Final Grind” by nrsm_ha
  7. Within a circle of water and sand” by Romain
  8. The Forgotten Tavern” by Peter M.J. Gross
  9. Intelmission” by Martyna “Lisza” Wasiluk
  10. The Addicott Manor” by Intudia
  11. The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas” by Luke A. Jones
  12. Eunice” by Gita Ryaboy
  13. Writers Are Not Strangers” by Lynda Clark
  14. Nightmare Adventure” by Laurence Emms, Vibha Laljani
  15. Cannery Vale” by Keanhid Connor
  16. Diddlebucker!” by J. Michael
  17. Terminal Interface for Models RCM301-303” by VigiMech Corporation
  18. A Woman’s Choice” by Katie Benson
  19. Tower” by Ryan Tan
  20. Charming” by Kaylah Facey
  21. Dungeon Detective” by Wonaglot et cie
  22. Adventures with Fido” by Lucas C. Wheeler
  23. Campfire Tales” by Matthew Deline
  24. En Garde” by Jack Welch
  25. Escape from Dinosaur Island” by Richard Pettigrew
  26. StupidRPG” by Steven Richards
  27. Ostrich” by Jonathan Laury
  28. I Should Have Been That I Am” by E. K. Wagner
  29. Basilica de Sangre” by Bitter Karella
  30. Alias ‘The Magpie’” by J. J. Guest
  31. Ailihphilia” by N. Y. Llewellyn
  32. Tohu wa Bohu” by alex wesley moore
  33. Dream Pieces 2” by Iam Curio
  34. Border Reivers” by Vivienne Dunstan
  35. Dreamland” by eejitlikeme
  36. Abbess Otilia’s Life and Death” by A.B.
  37. H.M.S. Spaceman” by Nat Quayle Nelson and Diane Cai
  38. And You May Find Yourself” by VPC
  39. Ürs” by Christopher Hayes and Daniel Talsky
  40. Birmingham IV” by Peter Emery
  41. The King of the World” by G.A. Millsteed
  42. Instruction Set” by Jared Jackson
  43. Pegasus” by Michael Kielstra
  44. They Will Not Return” by John Ayliff
  45. Junior Arithmancer” by Mike Spivey
  46. + = x” by Chandler Groover
  47. Haywire” by Wade
  48. The Broken Bottle” by Josh Irvin et cie
  49. Tethered” by Linus Åkesson
  50. Anno 1700” by Finn Rosenløv
  51. Six Silver Bullets” by William Dooling
  52. I.A.G. Alpha” by Serhii Mozhaiskyi
  53. LET’S ROB A BANK” by Bethany Nolan
  54. DEVOTIONALIA” by G. Grimoire
  55.” by Devon Guinn
  56. Dead Man’s Fiesta” by Ed Sibley
  57. Polish the Glass” by Keltie Wright
  58. Into the Lair” by Kenna
  59. Murder at the Manor” by Obter9
  60. Railways of Love” by Provodnik Games
  61. Linear Love” by Tom Delanoy
  62. Stone of Wisdom” by Kenneth Pedersen
  63. Awake” by Soham Sevak
  64. Bogeyman” by Elizabeth Smyth
  65. Dynamite Powers vs. The Ray of Night!” by Mike Carletta
  66. Lux” by Agnieszka Trzaska
  67. Flowers of Mysteria” by David Sweeney
  68. Careless Talk” by Diana Rider
  69. Let’s Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise” by Carter Sande
  70. Erstwhile” by Maddie Fialla, Marijke Perry
  71. Re: Dragon” by Jack Welch
  72. The Temple of Shorgil” by Arthur DiBianca
  73. Animalia” by Ian Michael Waddell
  74. Shackles of Control” by Sly Merc
  75. Grimnoir” by ProP
  76. The master of the land” by Pseudavid
  77. Space Punk Moon Tour” by J_J