Week three of our mini-adventure prequel to Apogee. The gang have been hired to go rescue The Dire Badger, a river barge escorting VIPs and important cargo from the fishing village of Flit, up to the metropolis of Apogee. The Dire Badger has been waylaid somewhere in the Bloodfly Swamp/Gorgoda Estuary region.

Last week, the PCs made their way to the Gorgoda Estuary, but not before fighting frogs, hailing hillbillies and warring with witches.

  • Hunter find
  • Doors
  • Stone guardians
  • Mage tank!
  • Traps!
  • Avoid the room
  • Fight
  • Ball bearings
  • Illusory guards
  • Elemental
  • Sander fucked off
  • Manfred squished
  • Brigita, Harran
  • Poor Paul on 0 HP
  • Fireball, outright killing Warryk